Todd Hively


I am happily married to my wife Patricia, who also enjoys photography and assists me when she can.  I have four adult children and three step-children.  We don't often get together, but it is a big group when we do!

My interest in photography goes back to the 70's. I learned to develop film in school and my first photography business action was to develop a roll of film for the father of one of my friends.

I've learned photography through education and experience.  There are many excellent online educational sites and I have spent a lot of time and money investing in my education.  While some aspects of photography seem easy to learn, it is a profession where technology is constantly changing and education never ends.

I'm a member of the Professional Photographers of America, and the Texas Professional Photographers Association, and have attended many workshops and other gatherings of photographers where I benefited from many excellent teachers.

When I began my business, I was a Nikon camera user.  As I learned about advances in camera technology I made a change and now use Sony equipment. I have switched to mirrorless cameras and find the current models, such as the a7iii and a7riii excellent tools, along with several sharp lenses such as the Sony 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8.  

Part of learning and being part of the profession is appreciating what other photographers are doing.  Some of the ones I admire and learn from include Sue Bryce, Jason Lanier, David Beckham, Jerry Ghionis and Sal Cincotta.

I've been fascinated with photography for a long time, and as I learn more about all that goes into creating a photograph, my interest only grows.  I hope to continue to create photo art for many years to come, and to meet and work with clients who share a love and appreciation for photography and seeing ideas become art.

© 2019 by Todd Hively

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